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Selasa, 14 Mei 2013

Tesis media bahasa arab : Media Pembelajaran Modern terbaik dalam Pembelajaran Kosa Kata

Media Pembelajaran Modern terbaik dalam Pembelajaran Kosa Kata (Mufrodat) Bahasa Arab (Studi Komparasi tentang Penggunaan Media Film dan Komputer dalam Pembelajaran Kosa Kata Bahasa Arab)
Penulis:Qomi Akit Jauhari
Fakultas:Pasca Sarjana
Jurusan:S2 Pendidikan Bahasa Arab
Pembimbing:1) Dr. H. Syuhada..  
Kata Kunci:Media Pembelajaran Modern, Pembelajaran Kosa Kata (Mufrodat),

The vocabulary (mufrodat) is the important matter in language, which is to be contained of means and the using of word by the speaker or the writer. Someone will be increased his language acquision if his vocabularies are increased, because the language ability of some one is depend on their comprehending. In fact, vocabulary learning needs the learning media to help the student’s vocabulary comprehending. Language learning media is the important need that have to be used by educator in making easy the foreing language learning. Arabic language learning in the past was used a simple learning to help the educator serving lessons, as if : blackboard, board and immovable picture. A modern learning needs sophisticated technology learning media and learning methode variatif in the schools both in senior high school (MA/SMA), junior high school (SMP/MTs) and elementry school (MI/SD). Among modern learning media on arabic vocabulary learning is through films, that study the vocabularies by watching arabic television. And arabic vocabulary learning through computers, that study language programs or already programed games. The aims of this research is practising the arabic learning media through films and computers on two same groups. Then analyse it after helding pra test and post test to recognise the best learning media between film and computer. The result from this research is to upgrade the arabic vocabulary learning in Madrasah Aliyah “Al-Hidayah“ wajak - malang, eventhough other schools. The research which is used by the researcher is experiment research. the instument researchs are observation, test, and questionnaire. While the analyzing data methode is by 

analyzing subjects and experiment results. The data analysis on this research is statistic form based on conclusion. The derification level of two groups learning analysis is used t-test. The result of this reseacrh is that Arabic vocabulary learning in Madrasah Aliyah “Al-Hidayah” Wajak - Malang, by using film is better than by using the old learning media with t = 14. Its specification 15 % excellent, 75% good, and 10% satisfy. Arabic vocabulary learning in Madrasah Aliyah “Al-Hidayah” Wajak - Malang, by using computer is better than using the old learning media with t = 1,090. Its specification 10% excellent, 80% good and 10% satisfy. Therefore, The arabic vocabulary learning with modern learning media (film and computer) is better than the old arabic vocabulary learning media. And arabic vocabulary learning media through film is better than through computer with a variance test t = 14:1,090.

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